Greentree Acting School Update July 2015

Greentree Acting School update July 2015

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After 7 years of teaching at Greentree Acting School, sadly Elle will no longer be taking classes. This was a very hard decision to make and a very long winded one as Elle loves all the kids involved and their fabulous infectious energy they have on her. Elle will now be fully focusing her time in making the school an even more exciting, creative and inspiring environment for students to continue to shine in and love the art of drama. Elle will also take the odd class here and there throughout the term so not gone completely!! Wayne, Ben and Alexis are now the main teachers of Greentree Acting School bringing in a wonderful youthful energy and experience that we know our students invite in with excitement and cheer! Don’t forget to have a wonderful last class with Elle and make it full of drama!

We are so excited to announce WAYNE TUNKS will be joining our core teaching team in Term 3.Wayne has worked with many of our students over the previous years providing his awesome school holiday programs and we are thrilled to be seeing him on a weekly basis!



Term 2 was a great term here at Greentree with the students tackling script work and characterisation. Starting out with simple A & B scenes, then moving into more fleshed out scenes and character work. All of the students stepped up their game this term and brought fantastic ideas to class.

Further building onto the concepts of beginning, middle and end of last term, the JUNIOR Students have been developing the key questions of who am I? Where am I? Where have I just come from? What do I want? and Why do I want it? INTERMEDIATE and SENIOR students have been taking this process a little deeper with answering further questions for themselves as the character and their scene partner.

All levels have also enjoyed the character improvisation games we have been playing. With all students creating some hilarious, insightful, and clever characters. Elle, Alexis & Ben have been so entertained and thrilled with each and every students work in class.

Term 3 is looking set to be a great one. By applying the skills we have learnt from Term 2, we are going to be focusing on creating our own scripts and characters for a series of short films and commercials for an exciting end of year event. Details TBA

HUNTER MCNAMARA for landing an audition for a major US television series.

To all the girls, LOIS, CLEO, SOFIA, RHIANNA, CAMILLE & INDIGO who auditioned for the US series at Major Melbourne casting agency Mulliners.

CAMILLE ALLEN for securing representation with the incredible well respected agency – Catherine Poulton Management.

GABRIELLA BARBAGALLO for Little Mermaids Junior audition at Williamstown Musical Theatre Company

RHYS JOSELAND for Winning a role in the short film MILK AND COOKIES for Tropfest 2015.

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