Kids Drama World with Ben Noble

8-12 Years, June-July 2016

Our kids school holiday program is very popular. Students are returning with excitement wanting more and more. Ben Noble our amazing course director, is a very passionate and exciting teacher. Ben teaches our term classes and is exceptional with the students bringing fun and energy to all that he teaches. In this kids school holiday program you will have fun with scripts for the stage and learn how to use your voice in the theatre. Kids will also learn fun techniques to bring a character to life, play drama games, and enjoy loads of improvisation, create stories through imagination, get into costumes and above all, be inspired to perform. This is an exciting kids school holiday program where students will find surprising results using their creativity through group work and improvisation. Students will gain self-confidence and an understanding of the ‘world of theatre’. Come and play with us these school holidays!

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"Acting class is always like coming home for me. It's a place you can feel at ease, comfortable, supported, nutured, let loose, and just have fun." - Ben Noble

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