15-18 Years

Our Senior classes are still a fun place for students to come and freely express themselves but in these classes students will be afforded the opportunity to delve deeper into the actors process. As part of the Senior syllabus students undertake more comprehensive script analysis as well as being taught the methods used by professional actors and allowing each student to find which technique works for them. Taking direction, replicating film set environments and using professional rehearsal techniques are all part of the learning experience for students who are given every opportunity by our talented teachers to expand their natural talents as well as develop those facets of their craft that need expanding.

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"What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it's not. A lot of the time it's what makes you great". - Emma Stone

Class Details

Term Dates

Term 1 1st Feb – 21st Mar (8 weeks)
Term 2 11th Apr – 6th Jun (9 weeks)
Term 3 11th Jul – 5th Sep (9 weeks)
Term 4 3rd Oct – 28th Nov (9 weeks)

Class Numbers

Acting class sizes are kept to a maximum  of 16 participants to give the greatest benefit to the students so please contact us to reserve a place at Greentree Acting School and to discuss the appropriate age bracket.


Healthcare card holders receive a 10% discount per student. If enrolling 2 or more students  per term a 10% discount applies per student.

Public Holidays

Should your class fall on a Public Holiday, you are able to make up your class on any day for the current Term you are in.