Acting Student wins lead role

Acting Student

Faith Seci wins lead role on LITTLE LUNCH

Little Lunch

Acting Student Faith Seci had the opportunity to audition for Little lunch through Greentree Acting School. Using all the skill, talent, craft and teachings in her classes at Greentree Acting School, Faith managed to win the lead role of Debra-Joe on the exciting ABC kids show Little Lunch. Now in its second season, Faith continues to act her role in the TV Week Logie award winning show for ‘Most outstanding children’s program’. Well done Faith for your outstanding work on the show. We certainly miss you and your energy in class and hope to continue seeing you up on the big screen.

I really enjoyed Green tree Acting School as it helped me find my passion for acting and as a result I was given the opportunity to audition for Little Lunch winning the role of Debra-Jo.  Due to Greentree Classes I could portray the role with confidence ~ Faith Seci~ Greentree Acting Student