kids drama classes


8-11 Years

Our kids drama classes for Juniors are designed and structured for students aged between 8-11 years of age.

Students in this age range see enormous benefits in all areas of life from doing drama. Our kids drama classes actively encourages students to explore their creativity and make brave choices. This helps students to develop a strong sense of self through play subconsciously creating vibrant, confident and compassionate young kids!

Students love our teachers at Greentree! Our staff are young, passionate industry professionals wanting to bring out the best in every individual. Weather students are joining for self confidence and to build on their social skills or to enhance the natural performer within, our teachers will challenge each student on their individual needs.

At Greentree Acting School we create a safe, nurturing and equal environment for all students to thrive in.

New students can join in on any term!

Term classes include:

  • Improvisation and drama games
  • Speech and vocal attention
  • Storytelling through imagination and scripts
  • Character development using props and costumes
  • Writing and performing self devised work
  • Filming scenes in our in house Studio with a Greenscreen

Trial our kids drama classes:

Not sure you want to sign up to a whole term? Come and do a trial class at the beginning of term to make sure your child loves what we do to continue!

"Acting helped me as I was growing up. It helped me learn about myself, helped me travel, helped me understand life, express myself, all those wonderful things." - Angelina Jolie

Class Details

Term Dates 2024

Term 1 29th January – 28th March (9 weeks)

Term 2 15th April – 15th June (9 Weeks)

Term 3 15th July – 14th September (9 weeks)

Term 4 7th October – 7th December (9 weeks)

Note: There are no classes on public holidays. An email will go out to notify you of how those sessions can be made up.


Class Numbers

Acting class sizes are kept to a maximum of 16 participants to give the greatest benefit to the students.

Please contact us to reserve a place at Greentree Acting School and to discuss the appropriate age bracket.


Per Term
$220.00 (Inc GST)


Healthcare card holders receive a 10% discount per student. A 10% discount applies per student if two or more students are enrolled per term.

Public Holidays

Should a class fall on a Public Holiday, you are welcome to attend another equivalent-level class on any other day that term, unless otherwise notified.