teenage acting classes


15-18 Years

Our Teenage acting classes are aimed at students from the ages of 15-18 years.

Our teenage acting classes are designed for those wanting to dive deeper into the actors process. This level explores a variety of acting techniques to bring out the best performance in each individual.

All our terms have a different focus and structure solely focused on acting for the camera and theatre. They are designed this way to ensure new students can join in on a term by term basis.

Term classes include:

  • Scene work
  • Script analysis
  • Improvisation and games
  • Filming in the studio
  • Audition techniques
  • Writing and performing scenes

Our course structures are designed to teach students more comprehensive modes of script analysis and explore a variety of acting techniques. We teach many different approaches, allowing each student to explore techniques that works best for them.

Students are given every opportunity by our talented teachers to expand their natural talents, as well as develop facets of their craft that need expanding.

For those wanting a more comprehensive form of training, please view our 12 month program by visiting our sister school Brave Studios.

"What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it's not. A lot of the time it's what makes you great". - Emma Stone

Class Details

Term Dates 2023

Term 1 30th Jan – 1st April (9 weeks)

Term 2 24th Apr – 24th June (9 Weeks)

Term 3 10th Jul – 9th Sep (9 weeks)

Term 4 9th October – 9th Dec (9 weeks)

PLEASE NOTE: No class Tuesday November 7th due to Melbourne Cup. We will be in touch with alternative arrangements.

Class Numbers

Acting class sizes are kept to a maximum of 16 participants to give the greatest benefit to the students.

Please contact us to reserve a place at Greentree Acting School and to discuss the appropriate age bracket.


Per Term
$240.00 (Inc GST)


Healthcare card holders receive a 10% discount per student. A 10% discount applies per student if two or more students are enrolled per term.

Public Holidays

Should a class fall on a Public Holiday, you are welcome to attend another equivalent-level class on any other day that term.