Greentree Acting School Update June 2017

Greentree Acting School update June 2017

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We are so excited to announce PETRA YARED and LYNDELLE GREEN will be joining our core teaching team in Term 2. We are so lucky to have these two talented women teaching classes at Greentree. They both have a wealth of experience in the industry and students are sure to benefit from their guidance.



Term 2 was a great term here at Greentree with the students tackling script work and characterisation. Starting out with simple A & B scenes, then moving into more fleshed out scenes and character work. All of the students stepped up their game this term and brought fantastic ideas to class.

Further building onto the concepts of beginning, middle and end of last term, the JUNIOR Students have been developing the key questions of who am I? Where am I? Where have I just come from? What do I want? and Why do I want it? INTERMEDIATE and SENIOR students have been taking this process a little deeper with answering further questions for themselves as the character and their scene partner.

All levels have also enjoyed the character improvisation games we have been playing. With all students creating some hilarious, insightful, and clever characters. Elle, Alexis & Ben have been so entertained and thrilled with each and every students work in class.

Term 3 is looking set to be a great one. By applying the skills we have learnt from Term 2, we are going to be focusing on creating our own scripts and characters for a series of short films and commercials for an exciting end of year event. Details TBA

 Congratulations are in order for student Braeden Harrison has landed a role on SBS Series “Sunshine” starring Anthony LaPaglia and Melanie Lynskey.