kids acting school in Melbourne

Are you looking for a kids acting school in Melbourne?

Greentree Acting School has long been regarded as one of the best kids acting schools in Melbourne.

We are dedicated to teaching our students:

  • acting skills
  • communication
  • performance
  • presentation
  • confidence
  • creativity

Our reputation amongst industry is such that Melbourne casting agents keep Greentree acting students in mind for auditions as they know the talent level is high and reliable.
With almost 200 drama students walking through the door each week Greentree Acting School has  many classes to choose from. With many success stories to speak of including Calen Mackenzie lead ongoing role in Neighbours and Brodie Dares wonderful experience on Angry Boys Greentree Acting School continues to deliver acting classes of the highest standard. Acting for film and TV can be overwhelming for many young aspiring actors. Greentree Acting school has its own in-house studio fitted with professional lighting and sound equipment. Acting students have the chance to rehearse and dilm scenes to get the most out of their courses and time with us. Focusing on Auditioning skills and techniques to ensure students are always ready to put their work in front of a director. With few reputable kids acting schools in Melbourne, greentree acting school has been bringing the joy of acting to young people for over 25 years. Brave Studios, Greentree acting schools sister acting school in melbourne offer Intensive acting for the camera courses in the school holidays.These kids acting intensives are run by some of Melbourne best acting teachers.

kids acting school in melbourne