Kids Drama School 35 years on

Someone say kids drama school? We just wanted to share that Greentree has been running for 35 years and still going strong. Greentree Acting School started out with 4 drama classes and we currently are running 12 drama classes. We love having kids from the community of the West still coming to Greentree enjoying drama classes 35 years later and still enjoying the joy it brings. Kids drama classes are so important to the personal growth of our youth. It can bring wonderful growth in confidence, social skills and the will to brave. Over the years, Greentree Acting School has not only helped students to be confident but many of our students have gone onto win roles include productions including Neighbours and Little Lunch. Greentree Acting school prides themselves for providing kids drama classes to kids aged 8-18 years of the highest standard. Are you a kids and want acting classes? Don’t look any further. Come and see what all the talk is about and get in touch with us. Our kids drama school has a remarkable reputation amongst the industry. We are constantly contacted by industry professionals as we are a well trust establishment providing classes of the highest standard. What we love the most is that we are now enrolling students whose parents used to come to Greentree Acting School. How wonderful to share the world of drama with the family.