Melbourne Drama School in Photo 2024

Melbourne Drama School in PHOTO 2024

Last year, our Melbourne Drama School students were lucky enough to work on a project that is now being displayed at the Victorian Photography Festival – PHOTO 2024.

The project was led by photographer Sammaneh Pourshafighi. Through her background in performance and collaging, she ran a hands-on workshop with our students to discover and create the character of their alter-ego. Together, the students explored what their alter egos might be like and what their worlds could look like. Then, they collaborated with her to create a visual representation of this character. They used props, make-up, costumes, and other inspirational materials and were encouraged to express their alter-ego as they explored it during the workshop. Afterward, Sammaneh took portrait photographs of the students dressed up as their alter-ego.

Check them out!

These portrait photos have been put on display as a part of PHOTO 2024. You can see the photos at Paine Reserve in Newport until March 24th. If you are after some more information about our student’s work please click here.

About Photo 2024

Photo 2024 is a Victorian Photography festival that aims to showcase local and international artists. Every two years they put on a variety of exhibitions in galleries and outdoor areas to celebrate the artists. The festival looks at a different theme, this year’s theme is ‘The Future Is Shaped by Those Who Can See It’. You can read more about the festival, and see the 2024 program here.

We are so incredibly lucky that our Melbourne Drama School gets approached to be a part of incredible opportunities like this. Sammaneh’s work with the students was exciting, interesting, and inspiring. It is truly amazing to see the children get involved in something that allows them to express themselves. Not to mention, the results look fantastic – head to Paine Reserve to check them out. If you’d like to be a part of Greentree Acting School, head to this link to enrol!