Greentree Acting School Update June 2017

Greentree Acting School update June 2017 LATEST NEWS:       PETRA AND LYNDELLE ARE ON BOARD! We are so excited to announce PETRA YARED and LYNDELLE GREEN will be joining

Acting Student wins lead role

Acting Student Faith Seci had the opportunity to audition for Little lunch through Greentree Acting School. Using all the skill, talent, craft and teachings in her classes at Greentree Acting

Greentree Acting School Update March 2015

Greentree Acting School update March 2015 LATEST NEWS: Term One at GreenTree was a huge success with all the acting students being immersed in Improvisation madness! It has been lovely

kids acting school in Melbourne

Are you looking for a kids acting school in Melbourne? Greentree Acting School has long been regarded as one of the best kids acting schools in Melbourne. We are dedicated to


Student taking kids acting classes in Melbourne wins a lead role in a new Australian film.Henry is one of many students from Greentree Acting School to succeed in winning  professional acting